Tuesday, December 20, 2005

why guam sucks MORE

The reason why guam sucks MORE.. is because they do, they are home of the balutans and the capital of hookers. They come to Saipan just to ask the governor for money or for food stamp.. When there is Typhoon they come to Saipan because their buildings are full of shit and can collapse easily!!!
Welcome to guam: home of the bitches and whores!!


Blogger Guam sucks MORE said...

well....yeah...they actually do...
another reason why they suck is because they have nothing to (taibida) that they come to Saipan to have their vacation and to find better, trusted, good looking and trustful boyfriends/girlfriends...
Saipan's better then guam because we have fun and make things fun n better...we represent the island way...
We Saipanese people have the original language and we dont immitate others...we basically represent the islands way...!! so representing (SAIPAN)....THEY SUCK MORE(guam)...

3:08 PM  
Blogger Guam sucks MORE said...

welcome to guam: oh...lack of water.
welcome to guam: home of the chinese.
welcome to guam: where god doesn't give a shit about them.
welcome to guam: where my mama got aids.
welcome to guam: guam rules...not
welcome to guam: i love guam..bullshit.
welcome to guam: where B.B was born.
welcome to guam: where tagalos are richer den chamorro's.
welcome to guam: where shit happens.
welcome to guam: where H.I.V started.
welcome to guam: whu gives a fuck...
welcome to guam: where hotdog is a local food.
welcome to guam: where gay/lesbian's are people too.
welcome to guam: where the governor doesn't give a fuck about his people.
welcome to guam: where they go to church after they collect the chenchule.
welcome to guam: hell no.. your not welcome...
welcome to guam: the island of stealers.
welcome to guam: where the people favor saipan.
welcome to guam: where the people kiss ass...
welcome to guam: the capital of posers.
welcome to guam: where everything is generic...

3:27 PM  
Blogger IBEW Local 1260 said...

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Blogger Mr. said...

Welcome to Saipan.....Why is the water salty?!?!
Welcome to Saipan: Where minimum wage is $2/hour
Welcome to Saipan: Where everyone is either a wannabe MMA fighter, t-shirt designer, or pitbull breeder
Welcome to Saipan: Where everything is 10 years behind
Welcome to Saipan: Where you to go a family reunion to pick up chicks
Welcome to Saipan: What the f*ck is in Saipan anyway?

3:42 PM  
Blogger 2hot_2handle said...

Mrs Says:
Welcome to Saipan: Where my understanding is slow
Welcome to Saipan: Where my water is pumped by day
Welcome to Saipan: Where my first cousins my wife
Welcome to Saipan: Where my neighbors land is worth millions
Welcome to Saipan: Where mango trees our only food
Welcome to Saipan: Where fat chicks still survive the grotto cave
Welcome to Saipan: Where women leave their men for military people cause of their money
Welcome to Saipan: Where macy's is our number one shopping place
Welcome to Saipan: Who the fu..ck would live their anyway
Welcome to Saipan: Who the hell can sing
Welcome to Saipan: And your auntie's my teacher, Your mothers my 1st period choir teacher, Where the fu..ck did they get their low education
Welcome to Saipan: lack of fu..cking common sense
"p.s I didn't realize Saipan has computers, is it $25cents a word?"

7:13 PM  
Blogger Guam Network said...

This is interesting ...

12:51 PM  
Blogger Beling said...

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7:30 PM  
Blogger Beling said...

LMAO at the IDIOT who wrote this Blog! Just wondering since he mentions Saipan in his Blog, he must be from there! There's ALWAYS one or two who are IDIOTS on the Islands of the Marianas. I've been to Saipan once and there was nothing to do there other than what we can do on all the Islands. You are forgetting that on Guam, We have people from Saipan, Rota & Tinian who left their Island for a better Life and are living here and "We are one Big Happy Family"...

*Lack of water you say, Not! at least our water isn't SALTY!
*Home of the Chinese you say, Get Real!
*God don't give a shit about Guam you say, We Survive many Super Typhoons!
*Where your mama got aids you say, what was your mama doing on Guam?
*Guam Rules you say, we over rule idiots like you!
*I love Guam you say, yes they do!
*Where Togalos are richer then Chamorus you say, Do you own Bank Of Guam?
*Where shit happens you say, you brought Shit to Guam.
*Where HIV started you say, LOL, dude, you must be the Carrier! This is another thing you need to study where it came from!
*Where Hot Dogs is a Local Food you say, are you even a Chamoru?
*Where gay & lesbians are people too you say, Of course they are, aren't you?
*Where they go to church after Chenchule you say, is that what you do?
*Where the people kiss ass you say, you must be good at that!
*Where everything is Generic you say, your family flies to Guam to shop in KMart!

"Guam Sucks", you forgot this one:
Welcome to Guam: where you can easily adopt children from Saipan who are Abandoned, Neglected and Abused by parents.

I know this for a fact because I have Step Cousins who are Saipanese whom my family adopted. Sad thing is these kids had worms and cast on them when they were adopted. Now they are living in a Better Life on Guam! True Fact!

7:50 PM  
Blogger AmericanReefer said...

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9:08 AM  
Blogger AmericanReefer said...

Your a total Idiot- Everyone probably hates you no matter where ya go because your such an idiot!

Have you ever even been there? Why ya hate gays? (Not many there thats for sure) I think "YOU SUCK MORE"


9:14 AM  
Blogger Ging Gideon said...

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11:59 PM  
Blogger Ging Gideon said...

Saipan and Guam, You either love it or hate it.

12:04 AM  
Blogger Quik SEO said...

This is funny

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Blogger WWJD said...

Come on everybody. No matter where you go, saipan, Guam, rota, mainland, Africa, or Iraq. There's always pros and cons for every place so it's up to each of us to understand that of course the pros don't need any fixing but then cons do. So we ain't fixing anything if all we're doing is talking about all the negatives we each have and not giving a more positive feed back on how we may fix it. I've been to war and back twice where people were held against their humankind will, which is to be free and not slaved or is to worship any man but our Father up above. God loves us all as we love our children. So it's heartbreaking to go fight for what we call, well what you all have "freedom" and to only see fighting amongst yourselves of who got better things and who god loves. It's simple really, remember that God loves us all, thus far we all have a Greater thing then the materialistic values we each posses. So let's connect, spread joy and love one another. Faith, Family, Fortune.

1:44 PM  
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